Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Low-cost Trends Spring-Summer 2013: polka mix

lunar asos

The polka dot print is a classic. Great designers reinterpret them season after season. In the spring-summer collections 2013 both Armani and Chanel introduce them into their designs. A versatile pattern that serves both looks night and day.



In TopShop find all kinds of dresses for women. Dot Dresses classic or more modern and up summery colors.

  • Cream dress with black polka dots, for 49 euros.
  • Dressed in lace and blue polka dots, for 42 euros.
  • Polka dot skater dress color coral, for 49 euros.
  • Chiffon dress with gold polka dots, for 68 euros.
  • ONLY


    For those who do not dare much with moles, bet on garments such as sweaters or blouses combined with lunar discrete garments. In Only basic designs can be found at a great price.

  • Pink polka sweatshirt for 24.95 euros.
  • Transparencies tight dress with polka dots, for 24.95 euros.
  • Blouse with lace, for 16.95 euros.

    Pull and Bear

    In Pull & Bear we more youthful and wearable version of the polka dots. Pants with mini polka is a fetish clothing for spring 2013.

  • Pants with polka-dots, for 22.99 euros.
  • Polka dot print pullover for 17.99 euros.
  • Strapless dress with knot topos for 25.99 euros.
  • ASOS

    lunar asos

    Mix of prints moles, gophers shirts with metallic or preppy style dresses are some of the clothes you get at Asos. To bring the moon with a more modern and fresh.

  • Kimono shirt with open back and moles, for 45.45 euros.

  • Ladies mix of polka, for 23.37 euros.
  • Neck shirt with polka dots and origami, for 36.36 euros.
  • Tank top with metallic spots, for 36.36 euros.
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