Monday, March 4, 2013

Nice Things Spring-Summer 2013: Jared girls succeed in the new catalog


A few months ago I proposed a contest: participate in the new catalog of Nice Things Spring-Summer 2013 . There were many who dared to it and traveled to Barcelona for the final casting. The level was very high but could only choose a small number of all present. Garminde and Martina Maria Hess Jared participants were selected for this new campaign, and today we have the result.


The campaign scenarios

The campaign is divided into different scenarios that fit perfectly with the collection presented. So we travel and we travel in India, where the colored silks, prints and Air Asia is its reason for being.


We already know that the geometric prints are very fashionable, and the firm has echoed this. Therefore presents a collection where they are the stars. The best part? The colors that have equipped: with a romantic cake that I love.


Although summer clothes I like air sailor. Yes, long ago we seeing this trend, but I still like it. The stripes in navy and white with red accents are a constant. Dresses, shorts, jackets ... Choose the item that matches your style more and sail the seas.


What do you think the end result?

Photo Gallery

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