Monday, March 4, 2013

Victoria's Secret lives in a permanent summer. Are you going to fall for any of their proposed new bikini?


Sorry to start a Monday morning with a story like this, but it is what it is. So you may not want to read, it happened to me: I was eating breakfast and seeing these angels transformed into mermaids entered me the itch to start now! operation bikini. And in the cold is the last thing want ... But you know, which is approaching the summer, Victoria's Secret brings out your most precious artillery and displays its entire catalog of bikinis for this 2013.

Prints, smooth, with bright colors or applications. There is so much to choose from in that the problem will not be finding one that you like, but discard the least favorite ...


The Arabian stripes!

And how could it be otherwise, catwalk trends become models bathrooms. Thus the striped pattern could not miss, but do not follow fashion down pat: aires sailors, zigzag and multicolor.


The best is the wide range that unfolds before you: you can choose from an assortment of bottoms and necklines. For going to the beach is not a singles suffering bikini that best suits your body.


Smoother than ever

Although for a few seasons I prefer always smooth versions. I get tired of them unless they make the model last in my closet until no more can. And honestly, the emerald green model has me totally in love. What do you think?


Although you may want to break the monotony with crystals or applications as summery fabrics like lace. Now you can choose from many models. Which do you stay?


The Photoshop Karlie

Karlie Kloss appears in the catalog and Photoshop is more than evident. We know that this program touches is always present in the catalog of Victoria's Secret, but it is impossible for marking bones as the brand, there is no sign of the clavicle. What do you think that Karlie represents the catalog?


I in brief (still trying to save) I walk upon the store to see what I'm ...

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